Digital Market Testing

Seen2helps clients to gain insights and discover opportunities within digital markets. Our testing framework is designed to optimize around profitable conversions and identify strategic assets within local and/or national markets.

Real Market Feedback

Quickly learn what works and what doesn't. Work with digital marketing leaders to engage real markets and acquire actionable insights. Leverage real results to improve decision-making.

Conversion-Focused Testing

Seen2 is focused on business outcomes. For this reason, our testing strategies are designed around profitable conversions. Our clients engage real markets and are able to see actual sales and leads. Leveraging results, Seen2 helps clients find a path to profitability for products and services.

Strategic Insights

Seen2 helps clients gain strategic insights by engaging digital markets. What is learned through testing serves as an ongoing strategic asset for your business. Our clients learn:
  Cost to engage targeted markets.
  Size of online markets.
  Effect of baseline messaging.
  Baseline conversion rates.
  Brand effect of online exposures.
  Baseline cost-per-conversion.
  Competitor behavior within markets.
  Targeting "Winners" and "Losers".
  Messaging "Winners" and "Losers".
  Market buying cycles.

Retail Market Testing

Seen2 helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers find out what works and what doesn't. By engaging real markets, clients gain vital insights on consumers and competitors within specific markets. Our testing services help you to:
  Determine market demand.
  Identify niche opportunities.
  Develop effecting messaging.
  Understand buyer behavior.
  Determine cost to engage markets.
  Provide data to support distribution channels.
  Strengthen inventory purchasing decisions.
  Measure effect of exposures on sales.

Local Market Testing

Seen2 helps clients to find a path to profitability within local markets. Working with digital marketing leaders, clients engage real markets and gain actionable insights. Learn how to reach and convert your local buyers online.

Affordable Market Testing

We conduct affordable market testing around business outcomes. Get meaningful feedback from real markets and consumers. Find opportunities and improve decision-making process.

Starting Cost: $10,500

Cost includes:

  Test design and market research.
  Tracking and analytics set-up.
  Test campaign ad spend.
  Messaging design.
  Campaign management and optimization (30 days).
  Analysis and Recommendations


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